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Давно уже было пора ...

QATAR AIRWAYS открыли в аэропорту Доха первый в мире "чиста_для_моряков" лаунж! И только для моряков.

Qatar Airways Opens Mariner Lounge In Doha, Exclusively For Seafarers & Offshore Workers

Считаю это охуенчик и подобную практику предлагаю углУбить и расширить на все аэропорты, ибо нефиг.
SLM (Seafarers Lives Matter) и ЯМЫбизнес лаунж!

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker commented:Qatar Airways recognises the vital role shipping plays and how seafarers are essential to keeping the global economy open and operating. As a gesture of our thanks and to show our support to the industry, we have established a dedicated Mariner Lounge at Hamad International Airport that is complimentary for all seafarers and offshore workers travelling with Qatar Airways. While waiting for their connecting flight they can relax in comfort and enjoy the wide variety of refreshments on offer.”

In order to access this lounge, seafarers and offshore workers who travel with Qatar Airways will need to show valid documentation to use the lounge while in transit.

Нашёлся, правда,
один пиздюк, который типа "А чо это вдруг? Да нунахуй, произвол!!!"

This is a cool concept, and kind of surprising

I have two major thoughts about this concept.

First of all, this is extremely generous on Qatar Airways’ part, and frankly I’m surprised this is being offered:

For all the wrong reasons, seafarers often aren’t thought about, so I don’t think this will get quite as much good publicity for the airline as if a lounge were offered for healthcare workers, etc. (though admittedly they’re largely not traveling)
Seafarers and offshore workers are largely traveling on charter flights without much control over their airline selection, so I’m not sure this will generate that much incremental business for Qatar Airways; that’s also why this seems like such a nice gesture

My other major thought is that there’s a bit of irony to this concept. Qatar Airways recently unbundled business class fares so that some people booking $5,000+ business class tickets no longer get lounge access. Meanwhile seafarers on charter flights in economy are getting lounge access.

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